Kerrie Schryver

Chris was wonderful to work with. We met him by chance when we were looking at a house out of curiosity. We didn’t know what we wanted. He made a great first impression, so we decided to stick with him and we are so glad that we did. He helped us figure out what we wanted along the way.

Chris has immeasurable patience and a calm and collected demeanor. He is very prompt in answering emails and phone calls with answers to questions. He took us to the house we ended up purchasing at least 5 or 6 times before we made a decision. He chatted respectfully with the many family members who wanted to see the home as well. He held our 6 month old daughter for an hour and a half when the designer came to see the house. He counseled us on pricing, insurance, inspections and was very transparent. He helped us negotiate with the sellers and their realtor so that everyone was happy with the deal they got. He referred us to a painter, carpet guy, power washer and others who will help us get the house the way we want it at a reasonable cost. He offered to help us move. He offered us his friendship since we are relatively new to the area. He gave us a lovely and thoughtful gift at the closing. He even helped arrange a meeting with the sellers so that they could show us the idiosyncrasies of the house and we wound up becoming friendly with them as well. All in all, this was the warmest, fuzziest experience we have ever had with a realtor, and we have had several that left us frustrated. He is genuinely caring and will do whatever you need to make sure you are satisfied. I couldn’t wait to write this review so others could be certain that they were choosing a fantastic realtor. Thank you Chris!

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